Vase applied in Caltagirone ceramic


Sphere Vase Applied. This line of majolica with applied decoration, was born at the beginning of the 18th century The ancient Calatini masters introduced this new technique, raising the value of each object through the execution of a plastic or relief processing resulting from the manipulation of small pieces of clay that follow one another to create a decoration with floral branches and daisies. This innovative workmanship compared to the traditional twin one, allowed the craftsmen who introduced it to move from a flat decoration, given by simple brushstrokes, to something truly majestic and articulated. The Alemanna brothers personally attend to the realization of this line, taking care of the shapes to be molded from the clay, in a perspective open to innovation and the original contribution of new details deriving from their inspiration, while remaining strongly linked to the canons of the ceramic tradition. of Caltagirone.

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