Classic Green Pinecone in Caltagirone Ceramic


Pinecone in milky white wedges. Height 15 cm – Forged entirely by hand. The pine cone in Sicily Symbol of welcome and hospitality is in fact placed on the columns of the gates on the balconies and at the entrance of each house to welcome the owner and guests Symbol of family unity because close and closed indicates the protection and intimacy of a family. Symbol of abundance, prosperity and fertility because full of pine nuts and used to place it on the headboards of double beds Symbol of unity and hierarchy of the church for the pyramidal shape that converges towards God (in the Vatican there is the courtyard of the pine cone) and also in the stoles priestly and depicted Symbol of good luck because the Arabs considered the pine a sacred tree and its fruit the pine cone gave immortality and touching it every day removed the negativity of life. In the brain we have the pineal gland with a shape similar to the pine cone which is the third eye, the mirror of the soul and creativity.

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