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Giorgio & Ivano

The magnificent city of Caltagiorne, or qal’at-al-ghiran “Castle (or fortress) of vases” in Arabic, nestling between Catania and Gela, in Sicily is considered for a good reason, the ‘Cradle of Ceramics’.

Classified as a Unesco world heritage site, the city is one of the most important ceramic production of the island. A millennial tradition, which has been enriched over the centuries, thanking the culture and the peoples who lived in this city, leaving numerous archaeological and artistic evidences.

It is in this city and her fascinating culture, started the history of these two brothers, Giorgio e Ivano Alemanna.

It was in the past 1997, when the two brother decided to build a Family Company based on observance of the historical roots of the city.

From the idea to keep exploring the habit and belief, Giorgio e Ivano land today to an innovative, modern  and new look  sense of tradition. For this reason, Maioliche Artistiche Giorgio Ivano Alemanna, is a leader on the production and marketing of Ceramic.

In their shops, you can find from the ancient reproduction of Vases or Moor Heads to a contemporary and unique furniture or object that respect our age but do not forget the past.

Their creations, reached an international success in a towns like Russia, the United State of America and the United Arab Emirates.

What make them strong and known  also in the International Markets, it is the competence and professionalism, and least but not last, the love that they put in every single piece of their creation, distinctive symbol of Maioliche Artistiche Giorgio Ivano Alemanna.